Barbie and Oppenheimer get together: official ‘Barbenheimer’ movie in the making


The success of the Barbie and Oppenheimer films is getting a remarkable sequel. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a movie called Barbenheimer is in the works.

Charles Band’s low-budget film will be about a scientist doll named Bambi J Barbenheimer who lives in the fictional world of Dolltopia. After a trip into the real world, Barbenheimer decides to make a nuclear bomb to get revenge for the way dolls are treated by children.

Film producer Band admits that he wants to capitalize on the hype surrounding Barbenheimer with the film. “But it’s also a chance to have fun with the bizarre combination of these two films. With the combination of the atmosphere of Barbie and the darkness of Oppenheimer, you have the opportunity for dark humor,” Band told The Hollywood Reporter. The film has a budget of around $1 million. It is not yet known who will star in the film.


Barbie and Oppenheimer both appeared in mid-July. Around the release of the films, because they were competitors and both did very well, the two titles were quickly combined online into Barbenheimer. There was also a lot of jokes about the two completely different films. These jokes did not go down well everywhere, and in Japan, among others, there was criticism about the memes that allegedly trivialized the mass destruction caused by atomic bombs.

Barbie is about the world-famous doll who discovers that a real world exists. Oppenheimer is about the physicist who helped develop nuclear weapons. Both films were a huge success. Barbie was the most successful film of the year worldwide so far, Oppenheimer is in third place.

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