‘Seriously taking into account nuisance’

‘Seriously taking into account nuisance’
‘Seriously taking into account nuisance’

Last week, the boss of the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the end of the corona pandemic is in sight. But corona hasn’t completely disappeared yet. What effect can it have on the coming autumn and winter?

Don’t leave the coronavirus behind us yet

Virologist Marion Koopmans tells NU.nl that we cannot leave the virus behind us this winter. Because the flu wave causes many hospital admissions in the winter months, there is not much available in the hospitals. This was also the case before corona and operations sometimes had to be cancelled. “We must seriously take into account that the virus will cause nuisance. The number of hospital admissions will probably be smaller than in previous waves, but will not be zero,” she explains.

‘It can go hard again

There are currently more than 400 corona patients in a hospital ward. There were several dozen people with corona all summer. Nevertheless, Koopmans expects an increase in the number of hospital admissions. According to her, the number of patients to be admitted depends on, for example, new variants. “Suppose a corona wave and influenza wave (flu, ed.) come together, then things can go fast again. Our care is not set up in such a way that we have a large reserve. When patients come in, nothing else is possible.”

Basic measures important

According to Koopmans, the basic measures are important: staying at home in case of complaints, using self-tests, caution with vulnerable people and good ventilation. But she thinks these measures have gone too far. “Of course everyone can enjoy it, I like that too. But the virus is not gone. Keep in mind that we always have problems with infections in the fall.” Source: NU.nl Photo: Getty Images More Girlfriend? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also sign up for our weekly Girlfriend newsletter.
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