Kwamalasemutu starts Bible conference with malaria prevention campaign

Medical Mission, PAHO and the traditional authorities in Suriname are joining forces to keep areas where malaria has recently harassed communities, malaria-free. A few weeks ago, this organization commemorated the last local infection of malaria in the villages of Palumeu and Peleletepoe a year ago.

The Bible conference starting this week was reason enough to draw attention to the preservation of that status on Sunday, September 18. In a krutu with the Granman of the Trios mr. Jimmy Toeroeman indicated how important this status is to Kwamalasemutu: since 2003 no more malaria cases have been registered in this village.

The delegation during this visit consisted of the Director of MZ mr. Herman Jintie, the representative of PAHO in Suriname Dr Karen Lewis-Bell, malaria specialist Mr. Oscar Lapouble Martin Mesones and the Malaria Program Coordinator Dr Helene Hiwat. There is currently a special team of Healthcare Assistants and malaria microscopists on site to carry out all kinds of health interventions including testing all persons who will visit the village from various areas.

Armed with test and information material, medicines, impregnated mosquito nets and mosquito gel, the community will be served in the coming days.

During this krutu, the PAHO representative specifically explained why the cooperation with MZ is important and how to broaden this cooperation.

PAHO, which has been active in Suriname since 1952, supports the Surinamese Ministry of Health to improve the health of indigenous and tribal peoples in particular. The other speakers emphasized the importance of keeping the area malaria-free. Compared to 2004, Kwamalasemutu now has no cases of malaria and we must maintain this status for the future.

The Granman, on behalf of the authority, expressed his gratitude to the Medical Mission, the PAHO and the Malaria Program for their willingness to work with the community on malaria prevention in order to keep his people healthy.

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