this is why it is actually very healthy

this is why it is actually very healthy
this is why it is actually very healthy

Eating snots: some think it’s dirty, others can’t resist if no one is looking. Do you ever wonder if it’s actually good for you to eat snot? Then you’ve come to the right place. Edition NL conducted research into the influence of snots on health and came up with a number of striking discoveries!


According to Katharina Ribbeck of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, eating snot is a great idea. According to her, it is very good for your immune system and thus you could reduce the risk of lung diseases and stomach disorders. “Snot doesn’t kill bacteria, but because they do stop harmful bacteria in the nose, you can see them as a better alternative to antibiotics.”


Katharina isn’t the only one who is pro-snot. ENT specialist Frits Jan van Hemert also agrees with the theory that snot can stop infections. “Snot is the secretion product of the mucous cells in your nose. It helps humidify the air in your nose and traps particles you breathe, including bacteria and viruses. In addition, there are many antibodies in snot.”


Nevertheless, according to Hemert, you should not be too enthusiastic about snot. He says that you can produce more than a liter of snot a day, of which you swallow almost everything (unnoticed). According to him, it is therefore not really necessary to eat the rest. In addition, you often put your unwashed fingers in your nose, making you more likely to get infections. “Most infections are contracted through your hands. Nose picking is like eating with your hands, I don’t think everyone washes their hands properly before they enter the nose.”

In short: do you want to pick your nose? Then this can’t hurt, as long as you’ve washed your hands.

Source: RTL Nieuws, Edition NL, Image: iStock

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