Home monitoring asthma patients in Maasstad – ICT&health

Home monitoring asthma patients in Maasstad – ICT&health
Home monitoring asthma patients in Maasstad – ICT&health

The course of complaints is difficult to predict in lung diseases such as COPD and asthma. That is why regular monitoring appointments are made. Patients must come to the outpatient clinic in the hospital for this, even if they have no complaints at the time of the check-up. Home monitoring not only results in fewer hospital visits, but also gives both healthcare providers and patients more control over their illness.

Home monitoring with SanaCoach app

These checks can be performed remotely using the SanaCoach app. In other words, the patient answers a number of questions in the app on a monthly basis about his health situation and the presence and progress of any complaints. Based on the answers, which are shared with the care provider in the hospital via the app, both the care provider and the patient get a good and up-to-date picture of the health situation.

It is then determined whether further action needs to be taken at that time. This can vary from answering additional questions to scheduling a check-up appointment at the hospital, if necessary. “We receive the answers to these questions and immediately see whether there are any worrying scores. This way we can take immediate action if necessary”, say pulmonary nurse Susan Verschuren and nurse Imelda van Houwelingen – Willems.

Information and tips

COPD and asthma patients who use the SanaCoach home monitoring app can also learn more about their illness via the app. The app has so-called ‘knowledge cures’ for this. Among other things, they offer tips on what the patient can do when the sun intensifies or during an asthma attack.

Patients who have complaints and are not sure whether they should call the hospital can also do so in the app. After answering a few questions, the patient is advised whether he should call or whether calling is not (yet) necessary.

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