this is what alcohol does to your body

this is what alcohol does to your body
this is what alcohol does to your body

We have known for a long time that alcohol is bad for you. Yet we love to celebrate the weekend with a nice drink. This is what it really does to your body.

Well, not good.

1… 2… 10 drinks

Had a nice weekend? We also. The sun was shining, we were allowed to attend the last day of Amsterdam Fashion Week and the legendary F1 race of Verstappen and were filled with inspiration to start the new week energetically. Yet today we are not completely fresh and shining on the editorial. A drink is part of all those festive events and we have not yet found the backbone to leave it at one. Please send help.

ter no alcohol inspiration for next weekend, we found out for you what all that alcohol really does to your body and why you sometimes have not one, but just three days afterwards.

All alcoholic

Alcoholic, problem drinker, heavy drinker, social drinker… The boundaries in the Netherlands are quite vague to say whether you are exactly an alcoholic or a structural drinker. According to the GGZ, it indicates an alcohol problem if you drink more than 2 glasses a day and let the alcohol stand less than 2 days a week. There are also differences between men and women. As a man you are an excessive drinker if you drink 21 glasses a week and as a woman more than 14. According to the CBS and Trimbos, you are considered a heavy drinker as a man if you drink 6 or more glasses once or more per week in one day. and as a woman this means 4 or more drinks in one day. For those who (also) can enjoy a drink every now and then, it is important to know the effects on the body.

Even a little bit of alcohol affects your body’s systems. Usually, your body processes alcohol as a waste product that it wants to get rid of as quickly as possible. If you drink more than your body can handle, alcohol builds up in the bloodstream, slows brain function and causes a hangover. Unfortunately, that annoying hangover isn’t everything. Find below the huge list of damage alcohol does to your body.

immune system

Alcohol slows down the immune system, making bacteria-fighting white blood cells sluggish and much less efficient. As a result, heavy drinkers are more likely to develop diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and numerous cancers.


Alcohol abuse inhibits the production of new bone and increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. It can also weaken the muscles and cause cramps.


A common side effect of alcohol abuse in women is stopping menstruation and causing infertility. It also increases the risk of breast cancer. Complications in the reproductive system can also occur in men, in the form of erectile dysfunction.

Circulatory system

One heavy drink can already cause heart problems, let alone how many problems this can cause in a heavy drinker. The risk of this is even greater for women than men. Examples of these heart problems can include poisoning of the heart muscle cells, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, stroke or even a heart attack.


Alcohol makes it difficult for the gut to control bacteria and absorb nutrients. Even though you eat enough, this can lead to severe malnutrition.

And there’s more…

All shock and horror, but actually the list is far from finished. Alcohol can also damage the salivary gland, teeth, gums, hair, esophagus, stomach, central nervous system and your body’s excretory system. All in all. Apart from making for a legendary, hilarious, memorable day or evening every now and then, those drinks really aren’t good for anything. Just put that in your ear. We also talk to ourselves a little bit.

If you drink more often than you would like, are a danger to yourself and/or others or need alcohol to function in daily life, contact your doctor or a specialized clinic as soon as possible.

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