Zoutkamer Kampen offers resistance now that R is in the month and diseases are lurking’

You can set the clock on it. As soon as the R is in the month, our resistance drops and colds, bacteria and viruses are lurking again. Of course we can still have an ‘Indian Summer’ in September, but after that the health is over and the ailments start. There is a solution: Salt Chamber Kampen. Because Halo (salt) therapy builds your resistance, among other things.

It’s an old folk wisdom. Once the R is in the month, diseases spread. The inclement weather makes our resistance less. Ideal for viruses and bacteria. They like not only the lower temperatures, but also our reduced resistance. And when it gets cold and bleak outside, we seek out the warmth of our house. This also helps in the spread of colds and viruses. Finally, we sit ‘delicious’ breathing each other’s unhealthy air.’

lung problems

Zoutkamer Kampen was built for people with respiratory and lung problems. The conditioned air, with a high salt content, cleans your airways and gives you more air. Suffering from allergies, asthma, COPD, sinus infections?
Breathing problems or lung complaints? Zoutkamer Kampen can help you.

But healthy people also benefit from the treatment, it turns out. The salty air helps to clean and keep your airways clean. An additional advantage: bacteria and viruses do not survive the dry aerosol air. The conditioned salty air of Zoutkamer Kampen can even help people who want to quit smoking. They will cough much more and thus get rid of the loose mucus. Also skin complaints such as eczema (which often goes together with respiratory complaints), psoriasis and acne can often be effectively reduced in the salt room.

Visiting the salt room regularly helps to literally and figuratively breathe a sigh of relief‘, says Roland Prins of Zoutkamer Kampen.

Call 038-333 2727 for a free and non-binding trial session or visit www.zoutkamer-kampen.nl for more information.

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