New hearing aid technology for noisy environments

New hearing aid technology for noisy environments
New hearing aid technology for noisy environments

Full terraces, a busy metro or a conversation at the table with friends. That can be a challenge for hearing aid wearers. People with hearing impairments often have trouble following conversations even with hearing aids in noisy rooms. Schoonenberg introduces a new hearing aid this month: the Phonak Lumity. New technology makes it possible to understand people better, even in noisy environments. Schoonenberg reports that.

Phonak SmartSpeechTM Technology includes features that improve speech understanding in a variety of situations. The system is controlled by Phonak’s proprietary automatic control system, reducing listening effort and increasing focus on what you want to hear. The sound can be easily adjusted via the myPhonak app and health data, such as the number of steps can be tracked.

Innovation in noise reduction

Untreated hearing loss has more consequences than just not being able to follow the conversation or not being able to fully experience beautiful moments. Several scientific studies indicate that good hearing is also important for the well-being and mental and physical health of people. This new hearing aid from Schoonenberg offers people the opportunity to enjoy everyday things in life again. Jacques Verzijlbergen, product specialist at Schoonenberg and experience expert: “My hearing loss started to have a negative effect on my social life. I found it difficult to participate in conversations in crowded spaces and therefore I isolated myself more quickly from a group. This new technology is for It’s a godsend for me. The noise reduction and voice clarity make having a conversation with my group of friends more like it should be.”

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