This is how you don’t get ingrown hairs when waxing your eyebrows

This is how you don’t get ingrown hairs when waxing your eyebrows
This is how you don’t get ingrown hairs when waxing your eyebrows

Anyone who waxes their eyebrows often knows that it can cause a lot of irritation. In addition to causing ingrown hairs, those bumps can also become itchy. And, of course, that disrupts your perfected eyebrow look a bit.


The skin around your eyes is a lot thinner than the rest of your face and that’s why we always take extra care with this – just think of that special eye cream you use around your eyes. All the more reason to be extra careful in that area with such a treatment as waxing.

Growing hairs

But, how exactly do those hairs grow in? All hairs are contained in a hair follicle, including those of your eyebrows. If those hairs start to grow under your skin, they can get stuck. Result? A bump that looks a lot like a pimple. These bumps can become irritated and itchy, not a great look.

Through the waxing – but also through threading – can break a hair, so that the part above the surface of the skin is pulled away, but the part remains under the skin. You want the hairs to be completely removed, then you have much less chance of ingrown hairs. Because your eyebrow hairs are much thicker and stiffer and your skin around your eyes is therefore more sensitive, broken hairs grow in much faster and that also causes much more itching and pain.


what to do? Fortunately, you can easily prevent ingrown hairs on your eyebrows. The easiest way is not to wax, but to epilate the old-fashioned way with tweezers. Because you are much more precise with tweezers and can also pull in the direction from which the hairs grow, they break off much less quickly.


It is also good to take good care of the skin around your eyes. Exfoliating your skin ensures that dead skin cells and dirt do not get in the way of the re-growing hairs. Don’t use a physical scrub for that – they are too intense for that thin skin around your eyes – but opt ​​for a mild chemical exfoliant that contains lactic acid, for example.

Still an ingrown hair? Don’t try to pick it out with tweezers or your fingernails. This can cause you to transfer bacteria into the wound, which can cause infections. So stay away from it and next time grab the tweezers to remove your eyebrows.

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