Train body and mind with cognitive fitness

Train body and mind with cognitive fitness
Train body and mind with cognitive fitness

Breezand – Research shows that exercise has a beneficial effect on the brain. It is good for body and mind. Exercise ensures the production of new brain cells and stimulates the number of connections between them. That is why Team Sportservice offers the Cognitive Fitness course. This free course includes fifteen lessons and starts on Thursday 8 September in neighborhood room De Carrousel in Breezand.

Body and soul

The proven effective course is for anyone who wants to stimulate body and mind to stay fit and fresh. With the aim of a healthier body and mind. “We teach the lessons according to three elements. We work on effort, challenge and relaxation,” says Jolanda Ides, neighborhood sports coach at Team Sportservice. “We exert ourselves with muscle-strengthening exercises that increase the heart rate and breathing. That is very good for your blood pressure, weight and mood, among other things.”

Challenge and relaxation

To train your memory and concentration, the qualified neighborhood sports coaches of Team Sportservice give challenging exercises. This stimulates and stimulates the brain. “You can think of a game in which you raise three fingers with one hand and only one at the same time with the other”, mentions Jolanda Ides as an example.

Recreational games and exercise for the elderly – Photo: Team Sportservice

And of course there must be relaxation. This has a stress-reducing effect and prevents the breakdown of brain cells. This is done with breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises. This ends the workout every lesson.

Free participation

The aim of the course is prevention. “An approach in the fight against dementia. Cognitive fitness focuses on maintaining and improving your physical and mental fitness,” explains Jolanda Ides.

The training lasts fifteen weeks, is free thanks to a subsidy from the Sports Agreement and is held every Thursday from 13.30 to 14.30 in the neighborhood room De Carrousel at Pastoor Verhoeffpark 10a. After the lesson, a free cup of coffee or tea also ensures a pleasant end. The duration of the course is from September 8 to December 22.

Take more courses

For more information and registration, please contact Jolanda Ides via [email protected] or 0224-214774. Those who cannot participate in Breezand, but are interested in the Cognitive Fitness course in their own environment, can also contact us. “Then we will see if there is another location. That will be from January.”

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