This is Charlotte Labee’s food diary

This is Charlotte Labee’s food diary
This is Charlotte Labee’s food diary

From the launch of her book Overstimulated Brain to full-day training sessions: the agenda of brain balance expert Charlotte Labee is overcrowded. Luckily she found time for it Grazias food diary.


“I practice intermittent fasting: I don’t eat my first meal until lunchtime, which gives me more energy. I also take supplements every day: omega 3 brain support, zinc, B12, vitamin C, D and multi mama full of B vitamins. I always start the day with a cup of matcha tea and water. Around noon I eat a large bowl of homemade vegetable soup, a rice cake with avocado, boiled egg, plus a smoothie with spinach, celery and pear. Two hours after my lunch, half a liter of water with collagen is standard. Once at home I make a vegetable plate from the oven with asparagus, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onion, broccoli, garlic and brown rice. Add a glass of water with vegan protein powder. Tea after my evening walk.”


“Around lunchtime I eat organic full-fat yogurt with homemade granola, fresh strawberries plus a smoothie with pumpkin, orange, banana, lemon, fennel and vegan protein powder. In the evening I make a vegetable pie from spelled dough, eggs and vegetables.”


“I start with a legume salad with radishes, raw broccoli, zucchini, nuts and seeds. In addition, two boiled eggs and a celery-lemon smoothie. Tonight Mexican night: organic corn shells with white coleslaw, legumes, chickpeas, corn, beans, garlic sauce and guacamole.”


“I start the day with a team brainstorm. Followed by a photo shoot with lunch: a goat cheese sandwich and tomato mozzarella salad. A smoothie with beetroot and blueberries. In the evening lentil tomato salad and white asparagus with boiled eggs, baked potatoes, celery, kidney beans, lima beans and green beans.”


“After my training, cook Thirza mung bean soup. Also gluten-free bread with hummus. Then to Zwolle for a theater lecture. There I eat a Moroccan goat cheese salad with dried apricots, nuts, seeds, couscous, bell pepper, eggplant and zucchini.”


“Enjoy a mixed tomato salad, lentil salad with edamame beans, spelled bread with hummus, aioli and herb butter and tomato-paprika soup. In the evening I choose the surprise menu at Goud in Rotterdam with sole, cod and tomato carpaccio with samphire. We toast with a glass of champagne to my new book.”


“In the afternoon a homemade white and red cabbage salad, bean salad with potato, egg, tuna, green beans and onion plus spelled bread and spreads. During a family festival I eat a quarter of a flammkuchen with zucchini, onion and leek. Back home enjoying with my son sky of our homemade strawberry-pineapple ice creams. As a week end sushi.”

How healthy does she eat?

Orthomolecular and clinical Psycho Neuro Immunology therapist Kirsten Elsdijk: “Charlotte eats a varied diet. She easily gains 500 grams of vegetables, eats eggs, fish, legumes and supplements this with protein powder and nutritional supplements. A smart way to get enough nutrients, something that is already difficult for many people, especially with intermittent fasting. The benefits of IF: it provides more energy, you get into fat burning earlier, it is anti-inflammatory and improves your memory. IF just isn’t for everyone. For example, it is a no-go in case of sensitivity to an eating disorder.”

Text: Kim Buitenhuis | Image: BrunoPress

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