Hester: ‘A needle in your eye because you have diabetes; even that doesn’t deter

Hester: ‘A needle in your eye because you have diabetes; even that doesn’t deter
Hester: ‘A needle in your eye because you have diabetes; even that doesn’t deter

It was the father of my eldest two children who came with it from the doctor at the beginning of the corona period. He had an ear infection that wouldn’t go away and blood was taken anyway. “I have sugar,” he said, as I put a coffee in front of him here at home. I was about to reach for the cookies, but I held back. “And now?” I wanted to know. He pulled out a food brochure. He wasn’t allowed to have red, orange sometimes and green – if I remember correctly. We had to laugh about it, still. The father of my eldest children – my ex-husband – eats here several times a week, so his diabetes would mainly have an impact on my menu choice, I thought. I know better now. Diabetes has changed his life considerably.

Once every few weeks he gets his eyes poked. You read that correctly, IN his eyes. He has already had laser surgery in those same eyes a few times and he injects himself with Ozempic once a week. That wasn’t available for a while, because there was a rush for it by people who wanted to lose weight quickly. Then he had to take pills again, to which he responded much less well. Without immediately sharing his entire electronic patient file here, I can assure you that having type 2 diabetes goes a lot further than just adjusting your menu a bit. And so it can simply be prevented. Why don’t we do that en masse?

Because you can buy food on every street corner. Because we are addicted to fat and sugar and we already have weekend drinks on Thursdays. Because we vegetate endlessly on the couch with that phone in our hands and find obesity more and more normal, because you don’t see anything different around you. In the meantime, it is estimated that between 1.3 and 1.5 million Dutch adults between the ages of 40 and 75 have a greatly increased risk of becoming ill. A crisis, the Diabetes Fund warns.

My son (23) just put a can of energy drink cold in the refrigerator. I fed him the recent diabetes figures and pointed out for the umpteenth time the junk he was drinking. He sighed tiredly. The fact that his father has a needle drilled through his eyes every month does not stop him from that mess. And honestly…I don’t like my wine either. It doesn’t make me want to run and I don’t leave the car behind. The flesh is weak.

The solution should come from politics and the food industry. I have a hard time about it, to be honest. It is a sliding scale and we will have difficulty turning this tide. Still, I made a salad this afternoon. And for that full bag of fruit and vegetables I paid €45 at the supermarket.

Hester Zitvast (46) is a freelance journalist, mother of four children (22, 19, 9 and 2). Her Twitter addiction keeps her on top of the news and she often has an opinion about it. She expresses that opinion for Flair. Of course, as a reader you don’t always have to agree with this. She does not shy away from a good (and decent) discussion.

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