Students cheat during scientific research

Students cheat during scientific research
Students cheat during scientific research

Much scientific research requires test subjects. For example, they have to perform a certain task or complete questionnaires. This type of research is often conducted by students. But can they be trusted? Wow, researchers at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich discovered. They anonymously asked 473 students at various German universities about their research behavior. What turned out? There was quite a bit of cheating.

Cheating students

For example, four percent had removed data from a study, eight percent had made up data themselves, and 26 percent had had subjects participate who knew in advance what the hypothesis being investigated was.

The latter is important, because this prior knowledge can influence the answers or behavior of test subjects. Although the numbers seem small, the researchers say it is worrying: it is not good if conclusions are drawn based on incorrect data. Let’s hope there was no cheating in this investigation.

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