Isa Hoes talks about her period with breast cancer during the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek open day


The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AVL) opens its doors to everyone with an interest in cancer care on Sunday February 4, on World Cancer Day. Top scientists give lectures, actress Isa Hoes talks about her period with breast cancer, the ultra-modern operating room can be visited and how does a radiation machine actually work?

The hospital and research institute in Amsterdam that specializes in cancer offers a special look behind the scenes on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. “This event offers everyone with an interest in cancer care and treatment and cancer research access to places where you normally do not go,” says a spokeswoman.

During a tour, visitors can view a state-of-the-art operating room with the latest equipment. You can also see how everything works in the nursing department. And what exactly does complex care for ICU patients entail and how does resuscitation work?

The hospital specialized in cancer.

The Pathology department shows how it is examined whether tissues and cells contain tumor cells. Visitors can also view their own cells under the microscope and learn how DNA analysis is performed in the laboratory. How a radiation machine works can be seen in the Radiotherapy department.

In Clinical Genetics you learn about heredity and children draw their own family tree. At Nuclear Medicine, the PET/CT scanner and Gamma camera are on display. The 3D laboratory makes it clear how ear and nose prostheses are made.

Living medicine

Five top scientists will give lectures during the open day about their research, new treatments and insights. This is how Professor Lonneke van de Poll talks about ‘quality of life’. She is a principal researcher in the field of the physical and psychosocial consequences of cancer and its treatment. Inge Jedema explains TIL therapy: a living medicine consisting of immune cells from the tumor itself.

Hugo Horlings explains how artificial intelligence and the patient himself can help a pathologist make a diagnosis. Doreth Bhairosing explains why early detection of cancer saves lives; the treatment is often less invasive and the chance of complete recovery is greater. Thijn Brummelkamp gives a lecture about fundamental research.

Actress and expert Isa Hoes will be interviewed at 12 noon. She wrote a book about the period when she had breast cancer and was treated at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.

Speed ​​dating

Visitors can also do informative speed dating with doctors and nurses about diagnostics and treatments. Children have fun in the children’s corner with Dr. Shaky. There is an information market in the central hall. You can also walk through an inflation intestine and experience what you see through an endoscope.

In the activity center, patients make beautiful things such as jewelry, scarves and paintings. “Because when you are in the AVL, you would like to not have to be a patient every now and then.” The Gasthuis around the corner from the hospital can also be visited. Patients can stay here, possibly with a partner or caregiver, during treatment.

Registration for the open day of the AVL on Plesmanlaan is not necessary and admission is free.