Is cold shower really better for your hair?

Is cold shower really better for your hair?
Is cold shower really better for your hair?

Too much heat damages your hair. We therefore try not to shower with water that is too hot and even regularly end our shower with a cold rinse. Ending your shower cold would not only have benefits for your productivity and resistance, but also for years of hair and scalp, but is that actually true?

More shine and softer hair

Does rinsing your locks with cold water after showering really benefit your hair? The answer is yes. “Rinsing your hair with cold water can definitely improve the health and appearance of your hair,” says dermatologist Jarikiran Chekuri On Shape.

Cold water helps to close the hair cuticles, helping to retain moisture and nutrients. In other words: your hair stays better hydrated. By closing the hair cuticles, your hair also repels dirt and bacteria. The result? More shine, softer hair and less frizz.

Have you dyed your locks? Then rinsing with cold water can also help to maintain the vibrancy of the color for longer.

Good for your scalp

Not only do you make your locks happy with cold water, your scalp also benefits from it. Dr. Chekuri confirms Shape that the cold water can reduce irritation, redness and itching. It can also reduce dandruff and the cold water helps regulate sebum production.

Not quite convinced yet to rinse nice and fresh? Then there is another advantage: by rinsing with cold water, your locks will absorb the products you use afterwards better. Moisturizing products such as a leave-in conditioner will therefore be better absorbed by the hair. Sounds good!

Please note: will you really shiver by rinsing with cold water? Then Dr. recommends Chekuri to rinse your hair with lukewarm water. “Or limit the duration or frequency of cold rinses.”

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