These are the signs that you are not eating enough protein

These are the signs that you are not eating enough protein
These are the signs that you are not eating enough protein

Protein, or protein, is very important to consume. But it is not always easy to actually eat enough of it. How do you actually know if you are eating enough protein? These are the signs that you are not getting enough protein.

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You have protein cravings

If you’re not getting enough protein, your body may literally be telling you. Is this the case? Then listen to your cravings. So are you really looking forward to that chicken sandwich? We say do it!

You have sugar cravings

Another craving that can indicate that you are eating too little protein is a sugar craving. Protein digests more slowly than carbohydrates. If your meal consists mainly of carbohydrates, it will digest faster and your blood sugar levels will rise. This increase is followed by a sugar dip, which makes you crave sugar. The solution: combine your carbohydrates with enough proteins so that everything is digested evenly.

You’re hungry

If you eat too little protein, you will also feel hungry more often. This is because proteins reduce the hunger hormone. If you eat too little protein, you will become hungrier.

You feel weak and tired

Do you regularly eat too little protein? Then you notice that you have less energy than normal. You become lethargic. Feeling weak and tired are early symptoms of a protein deficiency. If you feel this way for a while, it is definitely a good idea to check what you are consuming.

You lose muscle mass

Gymbros swear by eating protein, and for good reason. Protein is very important when you want to build muscle mass. If you get a lot of it, you can build muscle. But if you consume too little, you can also lose your muscle mass. Do you notice that you are losing your gym gains? Then eat some extra proteins.

You experience problems with your skin, hair and nails

Protein is one of the important building blocks of your skin, hair and nails. If this is missing, you may suffer from problems such as weak nails, dry hair and pimples. As far as we are concerned, eating proteins is simply part of our beauty routine!

Your immune system is weaker and injuries heal more slowly

Proteins are not only a building block for your skin, hair and nails, but also for your immune system. If you get too little of it, you may notice that you get sick more quickly. For example, this also ensures that wounds heal less quickly than normal.

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