Promotion with Magnesium Triple complex at Hans Jumelet on the market in Alblasserdam


ALBLASSERDAM – Vitabron at the weekly market in Alblasserdam will have a promotion with Magnesium Triple complex next week. Vitabron has been active on the Alblasserdam market for more than 20 years. The business with natural food, teas, herbs and nutritional supplements is run by Hans Jumelet. Magnesium Triple complex contains magnesium in the easily absorbable organic forms of citrate, bisglycinate and malate.

Hans explains: “Magnesium citrate is magnesium salt bound to citric acid, magnesium bisglycinate is magnesium salt bound to L-glycine and magnesium malate is magnesium salt bound to malate (malic acid). Citric acid, the amino acid L-glycine and malic acid are natural substances that support the body’s absorption.”

90 tablets for 17.50 euros!
The entrepreneur further reports: “Magnesium can help with fatigue, is important for normal muscle function and plays a role in maintaining flexible and strong muscles. Now 90 tablets for € 17.50. The tablets can also be ordered online from us via this link:”

At Vitabron everything revolves around honest advice and good quality. “I always say: anyone can provide something, but with us you get honest advice,” says Hans.

Filling and nutrition
One of those honest pieces of advice, for example, is that people who want to live a healthier lifestyle are not going to make it by taking a few extra vitamin pills. Hans: “It is extremely important to first look at what exactly you are eating. What are you taking? What is the sugar content? Unhealthy food is often just filling and no nutrition. Start with healthy eating, good nutrition, exercise and relaxation. There is so much to gain from that. Especially with the increasingly sedentary professions.”

Vitabron has its products partly made to its own recipe. “When we purchase, we are strict. We choose Dutch manufacture as much as possible. We also think it is important that products contain as few artificial additives as possible. Our focus is also on good absorption of supplements. We sell natural products, muesli, linseed, teas, herbs, nut butters, nutritional supplements, fish oil, vitamin B12, magnesium and much more. Everything we sell is aimed at staying healthy.”

Hans Jumelet has a lot of knowledge and is sometimes a walking encyclopedia when it comes to health. He knows the effect, dosage, (Latin) names and more of everything he sells. Due to this extensive knowledge, he knows how to advise customers on purchases on a personal level. And sometimes the advice is: “Take this to your doctor first.”

Rain or shine
Vitabron started in 2003 and has been on the market in Alblasserdam since then. The market truck can also be found at markets outside the region for the rest of the week. Hans Jumelet is in principle present every Monday. “The weather should not really play a role in this. I don’t stay home for a little rain and wind. The car is stabilized, so in principle I am always there.”

Vitamin D and Magnesium
The best-selling supplements at Vitabron are vitamin D and magnesium.

Website and offer
More information about Vitabron can be found at

The weekly market
Every Monday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. there are more than 20 stalls at the weekly market on Wilgenplein in Alblasserdam.

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