This is why depression is often accompanied by feelings of guilt

This is why depression is often accompanied by feelings of guilt
This is why depression is often accompanied by feelings of guilt

Sometimes less is shared about it, but it is still an important topic: depression and feelings of guilt.


If you have never had depression, it is often difficult to understand what such a mental illness can do to someone. People with depression often lose interest in things they used to enjoy. Feelings of sadness arise that last at least two weeks and do not diminish. You are often tired, you have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning and you have the feeling that the world around you continues, but you remain still. There are numerous other symptoms that can be associated with depression. Feeling guilty is a lesser known symptom.

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Feelings of guilt

When you are depressed, you are not feeling well, to say the least. You are sensitive and perhaps also anxious. You often don’t feel well enough to meet up with family and/or friends and sometimes you cancel an appointment at the last minute. You feel guilty that you are not the cheerful person you used to be. You feel that you cannot be there for others and that you are disappointing people. If you notice these feelings of guilt, it is important to get started. It is nice to know that these feelings are very normal when you are depressed. In addition, it is good to talk to a therapist and find out where these feelings come from and whether they are justified.

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