Have fun without alcohol

Have fun without alcohol
Have fun without alcohol

Letting things go and letting things go is something (almost) everyone needs. It provides more creativity and also strengthens the bond with others. But partying is often accompanied by alcohol. That can also be done differently.

Most days look the same. The alarm goes off, get up, work, go shopping, cook, eat, exercise, relax and go to bed. Breaking this routine is done by going crazy for once. Dancing, singing, jumping, laughing and standing on the table (together) is also necessary every now and then, according to scientists.

“It is good to break away from the ordered life, to step out of gender roles and hierarchies,” says Walter Weyns, cultural philosopher and professor of sociology at the University of Antwerp. ‘To immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of music, dance, color and spectacle; of common sensory impressions. To disappear into a dream-like atmosphere, where the contours are no longer so clear.” Source:psychmagazine.nl

Nice and loose

Our daily lives are all about planning, deciding and controlling impulses. This is the responsibility of the PFC (prefrontal cortex). Very good you would say. And that is true, but… the PFC also puts a brake on our creativity and making original connections. Letting go paves the way for creative thinking and mental wandering. That (festive) rush also ensures that you experience fewer feelings of anxiety. More endorphins, dopamine and serotonin (the well-known happiness hormones) are released, resulting in a pleasant and carefree feeling.

Having fun together

Having fun is not only good for yourself, but also strengthens the sense of community and solidarity. Partying at a wedding, going crazy at a festival, having fun during King’s Day… these are all examples of where you are part of a bigger picture and feel invulnerable for a moment.

Have fun without alcohol

Alcohol is the fastest way to get rid of your PFC for a while. And a very accepted way too. But you can also really enjoy a party without drinking alcohol (or using drugs). For example, ecstatic dancing, also called conscious dancing, where you are completely absorbed in the music and move freely through the space, is done sober, but still produces a happy feeling. Source:psychmagazine.nl.

In addition, there are more festive events that do not involve alcohol. Think of an Islamic wedding, for example. Often you don’t need more than good company, a nice atmosphere and nice music.

Benefits galore

There are many advantages to such an alcohol-free party.

  • No booze means a clear head. So everything that happens, you see, hear, feel and taste all the better. Your memories will also be razor sharp the next day.
  • Are you the one organizing the event? Then you will also feel your alcohol-free party/event in your wallet. A good bottle of wine can easily cost 15 to 30 euros. Soda only costs a few euros per bottle…
  • Guests who have an alcohol history or who still struggle with their alcohol consumption also feel comfortable at a party where there is no drinking.
  • Everyone will have a safe journey home.

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