election program for disability care, Parkinson’s & health insurance premiums

election program for disability care, Parkinson’s & health insurance premiums
election program for disability care, Parkinson’s & health insurance premiums

Every Friday you can contact us for a weekly overview in which we briefly look back at the most striking, interesting or important news items per working day. This week, the election program for disability care, reimbursement of the lifestyle program ‘Reverse Diabetes2 Reversal’, unqualified EMDR therapists, the Parkinson’s epidemic and the announcement of healthcare premiums were in the news. In this weekly overview the most important events of this week.

Monday: EMDR Netherlands warns against unqualified therapists

In order to treat people with EMDR, a psychologist or therapist must obtain official recognition from the EMDR Netherlands Association (VEN) by meeting the prior education requirements and following special training. This training takes approximately 4 years, including supervision. Research by Pointer shows that there are dozens of trainers who are not approved by the VEN and therefore market unqualified therapists and coaches.

Tuesday: Reverse Diabetes2 Reverse reimbursement on a large scale for the first time

Many people with type 2 diabetes receive medication for this, such as insulin and metformin. But this does not address the underlying cause of obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. From 2024, lifestyle treatment in the Netherlands will be reimbursed for the first time from the basic package for everyone with type 2 diabetes.

Wednesday: Election programs 2023: this is what will happen to disability care

Like many other sectors in healthcare, disability care is also under great pressure. Due to staff shortages, people with disabilities cannot always go to an institution and there is also a lot to be gained in the Netherlands in the field of accessibility. What do the political parties promise in these House of Representatives elections? What changes do they think are needed in the areas of disability care, accessibility and participation?

Thursday: ‘Link between high number of Parkinson’s patients in Betuwe and pesticides’

In the Betuwe there are dozens of farmers and gardeners with Parkinson’s disease. They worked with agricultural poisons for years without protective equipment. According to physiotherapists and general practitioners, there is a connection. A neurologist and Parkinson’s specialist speaks of a pandemic.

Friday: health insurance premium will not increase by an average of 12 euros, but 10.60 euros

Although the ministry has estimated an average premium increase of 12 euros, the average increase in the healthcare premium appears to be 10.60 euros per month. Still a considerably higher amount for a large group of people, but lower than expected.

By: National Healthcare Guide / Johanne Levinsky

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