‘Corona shot in Barneveld and Voorthuizen’ – Barneveldse Krant

‘Corona shot in Barneveld and Voorthuizen’ – Barneveldse Krant
‘Corona shot in Barneveld and Voorthuizen’ – Barneveldse Krant

November 8, 2023 at 7:49 PM


BARNEVELD/VOORTHUIZEN Community center Bronveld in Barneveld and Meeting center De Eng in Voorthuizen are among the fifteen small-scale regional pop-up locations where residents can get the corona shot until December 22.

The regular injection locations are in Ede and Arnhem, but GGD Gelderland-Midden has decided to also offer residents the opportunity to get the corona injection closer to home.

PEOPLE OVER SIXTY “This vaccination round is for people who are at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill from corona,” the GGD reports. “These are people over the age of sixty, adults who are offered the flu shot, children and adults with a medically high risk and pregnant women. Healthcare workers are also allowed to get the shot to protect the people with vulnerable health for whom they care. This also applies to people with a vulnerable family member.”

INVITATION All people over 60 will receive an invitation. “There are still invitations on the way. For the corona shot, it is necessary to make an appointment via planjeprik.nl or 0800 – 7070. Don’t wait too long, because the available places at the pop-up injection locations are limited. Sometimes there is no place nearby at short notice, but there is again a few weeks later.” “There are also people who are unable to come to a blood injection location due to a serious illness or disability. We inject these people at home,” Jeroen adds. “They can call 0800 – 2077.”

According to the GGD, the vaccine used for the injection has been adapted to the variant of the virus that is currently circulating widely.

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