HIPEC provides long-term benefits for ovarian cancer

HIPEC provides long-term benefits for ovarian cancer
HIPEC provides long-term benefits for ovarian cancer


November 8, 2023

Women with ovarian cancer also benefit from treatment with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) after ten years. This is evident from a new analysis of the OVHIPEC-1 study, conducted by researchers at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. Thanks to this treatment, the disease returns later and overall survival is longer.

In the Netherlands, approximately 1,300 patients are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year. In three-quarters of these women, the disease has already spread to the peritoneum at the time of diagnosis. HIPEC (hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy) is then a treatment option; the abdomen is flushed with heated chemotherapy after surgical removal of the tumor.

The idea behind HIPEC is that flushing the abdomen with chemotherapy kills any remaining tumor cells and reduces the chance of recurrence. By delivering the chemotherapy directly into the abdomen instead of through the bloodstream, a higher concentration can be achieved where the tumor is located. The chemotherapy is also heated, which allows it to penetrate deeper into the tissue. “The heat causes cell damage and also has an effect on the immune system,” explains Willemien van Driel, gynecological oncologist at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. “In addition, the heat can put the cells in a BRCA-like state, which makes them more sensitive to chemotherapy.”

“The question is often whether a treatment offers added value in the long term. This is the case with HIPEC and interval debulking.”

Gynecological oncologist Wil

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