Attention to ‘diabetes and daily life’ in Northwest

Attention to ‘diabetes and daily life’ in Northwest
Attention to ‘diabetes and daily life’ in Northwest

Wietske Wits, board member of the Diabetes+ patient association, will be the guest speaker on Monday, November 20. Wietske has been a diabetic since she was five years old. From her experience as a social worker and her own experience as a diabetes patient, Wietske talks about the mental impact of diabetes mellitus type 1. The lecture will be held from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM in the Pieter van Foreestzaal (Metiusgracht entrance), location Alkmaar of Northwest. Diabetes patients, their loved ones, healthcare providers and other interested parties can register via [email protected].


What factors can influence the life of a patient with type 1 diabetes mellitus? 42 tubes, each with its own influencing factor, provide the answer. An informative and colorful whole. The exhibition can be seen in November for 2 weeks at the internal medicine outpatient clinic and 2 weeks at the pediatrics outpatient clinic at the Alkmaar location.

Major chronic illness

Diabetes is one of the largest chronic diseases in the Netherlands. The influence on the daily life of a diabetes patient can be great: it is there every day, always. How to deal with it mentally is important. For example, psychological complaints can become more common, which unfortunately often receives too little attention. Our healthcare providers at Northwest believe it is important to pay attention to this. They do this with the lecture and exhibition.

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