Podcast – Eyelid Hygiene | MedNet

Podcast – Eyelid Hygiene | MedNet
Podcast – Eyelid Hygiene | MedNet

During the live webcast ‘Ocular Surface Disease (dry eyes and blepharitis)’ in 2023, many viewer questions were received about the topic eyelid hygiene. That’s why we decided to make a podcast specifically about this.

Ophthalmologist Jelle Vehof discusses, among other things, cleaning the eyelids, using a heat mask and massaging the eyelids.

Listen to the conversation between Jelle Vehof and Tom van ‘t Hek here. This podcast is 20 minutes long.

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In the attached video you will find an instruction for cleaning the eyelids.


  • Dr. Jelle Vehof, Ophthalmologist and epidemiologist, Dry Eye Clinic Netherlands, Velp, University Medical Center Groningen
  • Tom van ‘t Hek, moderator

For whom?

General practitioners, general practitioners in training and optometrists.

Webcast Ocular Surface Disease (OSD): dry eyes and blepharitis

If you would like to learn more about the topic of Ocular Surface Disease (dry eye and blepharitis), you can watch the full webcast here watch on-demand whenever it suits you.

During this online training you will learn what you as a GP can do yourself (for example with artificial tears), when you should definitely refer to the ophthalmologist, and how the optometrist can support you and your patient.

This podcast is made possible by Tramedico.


The article is in Dutch

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