BVN launches new information platform about metastatic breast cancer


Editorial Medicalfacts / Janine Budding November 5, 2023 – 10:51 PM

The Dutch Breast Cancer Association (BVN) launched an information platform on Saturday, November 4, especially for patients with metastatic breast cancer and their loved ones. BVN presented this new website during the patient conference I live! with metastatic breast cancer, organized by the UMC in Maastricht and BVN.

Need for information

BVN developed because, as a patient organization, it knows that there is a great need for one place where all information about metastatic breast cancer can be found. The platform, which was created together with patients and healthcare providers, not only provides information about diagnosis and treatments, but also about quality of life. Because many patients wonder: How can I continue to live my life despite my illness?

“Such a platform is a solution”

Natasja Jachniewicz (49) would have liked to have such a platform full of current and accessible information when she heard in October 2017 that the cancer had spread. “Many women do not have the energy to search for information. They just heard that they are not going to get better anymore. Then your mind is not on searching the internet. Then such a platform is a solution.”


In addition to factual information, people also want to feel heard and seen. Oncology nurse specialist Christa Putker, who contributed to the development of the platform: “We often hear that patients feel alone. The stories they find on the internet are often about curative treatments, stories of people who have a goal on the horizon. Women with metastatic breast cancer do not recognize this. The course of their illness and all the emotions that come with it are very erratic and different for everyone.” That is why there is also room on the platform for stories of patients living with metastatic breast cancer. “That can provide that recognition.”

Reliable information

After the launch, BVN will continue to develop the platform. The goal is that everyone who is confronted with metastatic breast cancer can continue to go there for reliable information, tips, stories, recognition and support.

Source: BVN

Editorial Medicalfacts / Janine Budding

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