First National Women’s Health Day on May 25, 2024: women’s bodies are really different from men’s


Haarlem – Saturday, May 25, 2024 is the first National Women’s Health Day. It is an initiative of the Voices for Women Foundation, which makes the voices of women with unexplained health complaints heard. The women are campaigning for gender-specific medical care. Because women in our country still die unnecessarily due to a wrong diagnosis.

It is the first time that a day will be dedicated to women’s health in the Netherlands. And that is desperately needed, according to initiator and director of Voices for Women Mirjam Kaijer. “It is still not sufficiently known that women become ill differently than men. While 80% of all patients with unexplained health complaints are women. That’s shocking.”

Women stand up themselves

On Saturday, May 25, 2024, women will make their voices heard, hand in hand with healthcare professionals, scientists, patient organizations and women’s networks. The aim of the day is to support each other, spread knowledge and promote gender-specific care. During the event there will be lectures, workshops and artists will perform. The presentation is in the hands of Bridget Maasland and Tanja Jess.

Wrong diagnoses

The man’s body is still the standard on which medical knowledge in the Netherlands is based. While 60% of women suffer more from side effects of medications, heart attacks in women are regularly missed, women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression or anxiety disorders and more than 75% of people with an autoimmune disease are women.”

Major knowledge gap in Women’s Health

“We have received thousands of reports from women who have been looking for the right diagnosis for years,” says Kaijer. “There is a major knowledge gap when it comes to the health of women’s bodies. Doctors also encounter this. They are held responsible for this while the system needs to be improved. In addition to many patients, doctors are also increasingly joining our foundation.”

Annual event

National Women’s Health Day will become an annual, unifying event. “It is necessary and possibly the beginning of an important change in women’s medicine,” says Mirjam Kaijer. “We will continue until every woman receives the right medical care.”

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