Is Alzheimer’s a danger on the road?

Is Alzheimer’s a danger on the road?
Is Alzheimer’s a danger on the road?

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SNEEK – The loss of functions in Alzheimer’s disease is a gradual process. Functions decrease, limitations increase. Sometimes there is limited insight into the disease and someone with dementia assumes that driving is still fine. At some point, the question arises for loved ones of a person with dementia: “Is driving still safe? Is it now a danger on the road or is driving still possible?”

Prof. Dr. Wiebo Brouwer will speak on Tuesday, November 21 in the Alzheimer Café in Sneek
Wiebo Brouwer is an expert in the field of testing and training fitness to drive in elderly people with memory and visual disorders and people with brain disorders. He works at the expertise center for Older Road Users in Groningen. He will talk about his research into and experiences with driving for people with dementia. Those involved and interested parties are very welcome.

More information about the expertise center can be found on the website

Alzheimer’s café Sneek
De Schuttersheuvel district building
Harmen Sytstrastraat 8a Sneek

Every third Tuesday of the month, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM. Hall is open from 7:00 PM.

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