These are the symptoms of a sinus infection

These are the symptoms of a sinus infection
These are the symptoms of a sinus infection

Many people suffer from a cold again during the colder seasons of the year. As if that wasn’t annoying enough, you may also have to deal with a side effect sinusitis. How exactly can you recognize it? We will tell you a few things about it.

Cold or sinus infection?

Stuffed, snotty noses: typical symptoms of a cold. However, a bad cold can also cause the sinuses in the face to become inflamed. This is also called a sinus or sinus infection. This inflammation can be very painful and can make breathing difficult. Fortunately, there are various treatments available to get rid of the inflammation as quickly as possible.


The hollow spaces in the face are behind the nose, in the upper jaw and in the forehead. Normally these cavities are filled with air. During a cold or allergic reaction, these facial cavities can become filled with mucus. Because this mucus contains many bacteria, inflammation can quickly occur. The inflammation can occur in the sinus, ethmoid cavity and sphenoid cavity. However, in most cases there is a maxillary sinus infection.

A sinus infection can be recognized by a painful and pressing feeling in your head. If you bend your head forward, you may experience a painful and throbbing sensation. Difficulty breathing and developing a fever are also among the most common symptoms. In many cases, a visit to the doctor is unnecessary because specific medication for sinusitis does not exist. Steaming and a good nasal spray can provide immediate relief to dissolve the mucus as much as possible.

Persistent fever

Does the fever last a long time? In very rare cases, the inflammation can lead to more serious complaints such as inflammation in the eye socket or meningitis. If the inflammation persists for more than two months, it is a chronic sinus infection. Always contact your doctor for information if you suspect that you have a sinus infection. He or she can give you the best advice on what to do.

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