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One sheep survives bluetongue virus at farmer Beets

5-11-2023 at 10:00

“Look, he survived, but is now lonely,” farmer Beets points to the only remaining sheep in the meadow. The other five have fallen prey to the bluetongue virus. ,,It’s bad. But there are also sheep farmers with two or three hundred sheep; it is a hammer blow.”

By: Eddy Veerman

Farmer Beets started in 1965, generations after generations came to check on the lambs every spring. Pius faithfully cycled from the Nivo to take a photo, as a sign that spring had started. “But next spring you will see very few lambs in the Netherlands,” laments the 79-year-old farmer.

In fact, he already wanted to quit. “But my wife and youngest son still wanted to continue.” Thirteen years ago there was also a virus around, the farmer remembers. “Tongue Blister. Fortunately, they then recovered from that. I had learned something about that virus at school, but not about this one.” He obviously hoped that this virus would pass his yard. “I tried penicillin, but it had no effect. At a certain point you see that their mouths are getting blisters and that their lungs are filling up. I lifted them up by their hind legs, hoping it would come out. But you see the tongue turn blue and become swollen. Ultimately, they can suffocate.”

One of the sheep recovered. “I could see that in his eyes. Now he’s lonely, you can tell. After all, they are herd animals. We spoiled him a lot last week by going to him and petting him more often. I don’t know yet what we’re going to do now. We will decide that after January 1.”

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