Stay healthy! 6 mental benefits of just growing (weed).


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In our quest for better mental health, we often explore various traditional and alternative methods. One of those unconventional methods that is gaining more and more recognition is growing… cannabis yourself. Mind-expanding gardening for a clear mind – 6 good reasons to start doing it immediately (if you are not already doing it, of course)!

The practice of growing cannabis plants can be a source of therapeutic benefits beyond consumption. In this article, we’ll give you six potential benefits of growing your own cannabis for your mental health. In other words; how growing these plants at home can offer individuals unique paths to better well-being…

Benefit #1 – Sense of connection with nature

In an increasingly urbanized world, many people have lost their connection with nature. This disconnect can have detrimental effects on mental health as it distances individuals from the grounding and healing qualities of the natural world.

Growing cannabis plants allows you to reconnect with nature.

Taking care of your cannabis plants – indoors, in a garden or on the balcony/roof terrace – immerses you in a world of green and life. This reconnection with nature can evoke a sense of tranquility and wonder, giving you a deeper appreciation for the beauty and rhythm of the natural world.

Maybe you already experience something similar (a little) when you watch nature documentaries while stoned/high…

Benefit #2 – Stress reduction through mindful gardening

Stress is ubiquitous in our lives and takes a significant toll on mental health. Growing cannabis can serve as a gateway to stress relief through mindful gardening.

The process of caring for your plants, from germinating cannabis seeds to caring for the plants throughout their life cycle, encourages a state of mindfulness.

Mindfulness means “being rooted in the present moment” or “being fully aware of the current experience.” Such a state of mind can help you reduce stress and lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is the most important stress hormone in the body.

Gardening, whether for cannabis plants or other flora, offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in your task and escape the stress of busy, everyday life.

Benefit #3 – A lesson in patience and resilience

Growing cannabis plants is far from a quick, easy endeavor. From the moment you purchase cannabis seeds to the moment you harvest mature plants, the journey is full of challenges. From pest control to adjusting environmental conditions, growers must overcome several obstacles.

This journey will teach you valuable life lessons in patience and resilience – essential qualities for dealing with mental health challenges. As you adapt and persevere through the challenges and potential bumps of growing, you’ll develop the ability to face adversity with greater strength and tenacity.

Benefit #4 – A creative outlet for self-expression

Growing cannabis is not only a science, it is also an art. Enthusiasts can use their creativity by selecting unique strains, experimenting with growing techniques and customizing their growing environment. This creative expression provides a healthy outlet for self-expression and emotional processing.

Engaging in creative activities – such as tending cannabis plants – can significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. It allows people to channel their emotions and thoughts into a constructive and fulfilling activity, which promotes emotional well-being.

Benefit #5 – A sense of satisfaction and self-confidence

Seeing your own cannabis plants grow and bloom under your care can give you an enormous sense of satisfaction and strengthen your self-esteem. This tangible reminder of your efforts can be especially meaningful for those struggling with minor or major(er) mental health issues.

Mental health problems often lead to feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness. Growing cannabis plants gives a sense of achievement that counteracts these negative feelings and boosts your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Benefit #6 – A therapeutic sense of community

Growing cannabis is not just about the plants, but also about the community. Working with like-minded people who share your passion for growing can also be therapeutic.

It alleviates feelings of isolation and creates a support system of people who understand your interests and struggles.

This sense of belonging can have a positive impact on your mental well-being, as it creates a support network that provides empathy and camaraderie.

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