Which products contain a lot of iodine?

Which products contain a lot of iodine?
Which products contain a lot of iodine?

Iodine promotes energy metabolism, contributes to normal functioning of your thyroid gland and supports the functioning of your nervous system. An important substance. Which products should you put on your shopping list to get the daily recommended amount of iodine?

Iodine in food: put these products on your shopping list

According to the RIVM, there is little iodine in the soil in the Netherlands, which means that this mineral is naturally found less in our foods. Fruits and vegetables therefore contain little to no iodine. For example, a banana contains only two micrograms of iodine, while you need 150 micrograms in a day. The Information Center for Food Supplements and Health indicates that this is the recommended reference intake for adults.

However, iodine does occur naturally in food. For example in eggs, sea fish, dairy products and seaweed. What contains the most iodine? According to the Nutrition Center, one serving contains: codfish 292 micrograms of iodine. Also a cut Whole grain bread and a glass semi-skimmed milk contain quite a bit of iodine. And in one boiled egg contains 18 micrograms of iodine.

Salt often contains extra iodine

Because the amount of iodine in our diet is low, extra iodine is also added to other products in the Netherlands. Usually in the form of iodized salt. When you use iodized table salt to flavor your dish, you get iodine in an easy way. In addition, a slice of bread for breakfast or lunch also helps to get enough iodine. When baking bread, baker’s salt with extra iodine is often (but not always) used.

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