Higher corona mortality in nursing home that scores low

Higher corona mortality in nursing home that scores low
Higher corona mortality in nursing home that scores low

In nursing homes that are rated lower by residents and their loved ones, more residents died during the corona pandemic than in nursing homes with satisfied residents. That is one of the connections that researchers from Erasmus University Rotterdam came across when they looked for factors that influenced mortality.

In addition, the hiring of many external staff and absenteeism among staff also appear to have an influence. Institutions with more external forces had higher excess mortality.

Difference between healthcare institutions

What is striking about the study from Rotterdam is that there are major differences between healthcare institutions. On average, in normal times, approximately 30 percent of nursing home residents die within a year. During the pandemic, that rate was almost half higher in some nursing homes, while other institutions were spared a major spike in mortality.

The connection with resident satisfaction may be in matters such as having their own room or bathroom. Where such facilities were lacking, it was more difficult to comply with the corona guidelines, the researchers heard from healthcare workers.

Higher mortality and personnel

The scientists cannot yet say with certainty what exactly the link between higher mortality and more hiring of external staff is. Researcher Marlies Bär does have a potential explanation: “Care freelancers may work at different institutions, making it easier for them to spread the virus.” (AP)

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