Belgian Samira gives up in Masterchef final

Belgian Samira gives up in Masterchef final
Belgian Samira gives up in Masterchef final

September 21, 2022 – 16:00 – Culture

Samira has canceled her participation in the final of the amateur cooking competition Masterchef France. What are the reasons for this decision?

Samira no longer participates in the competition. Although she qualified for the Masterchef Grand Final, she was forced to retire. The childcare worker from Dilbeek was eight months pregnant during the recordings and had her baby “just before the shooting of the last episode”, reports La Dernière Heure. “The production knew there was a risk that I would give birth before the end of filming. I was confident because there were only two days of filming left and I thought I would go into labor soon, like I did with my first pregnancy. That was not the case,” explains Samira.

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She could not agree with the directors to postpone shooting for the final. “After giving birth, I have to rest for at least eight weeks. I couldn’t possibly wait that long.” For Samira, her delivery meant the end of the competition. But the nanny has no regrets, because the birth of her son brings her happiness and comfort. “I don’t regret anything. I’m not sad or depressed. My pregnancy and delivery went well. I have my son in my arms. The happy hormones are there.”

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Samira is already looking to the future. “At the moment I still work as a childcare provider, but I want to give up all that and make a living from cooking. I dream of opening a restaurant in Brussels where you can eat and go to a small concert at the same time,” explains the young mother. Her wish, she says, is to have her own “cooking column on the radio, TV or elsewhere”.

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