How did Hollywood sensation Chris Hemsworth from ‘Thor’ get so rich?

How did Hollywood sensation Chris Hemsworth from ‘Thor’ get so rich?
How did Hollywood sensation Chris Hemsworth from ‘Thor’ get so rich?

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is a Hollywood sensation with his character Thor in the Marvel movies. His new film Thor: Love and Thunder is doing well in theaters. His net worth has steadily grown to USD 130 million.

The 39-year-old actor and model started years ago in Australian TV series like Neighbours and Home and away. His breakthrough came with a small role as Captain Kirk’s father in Star Trek in 2009. That led to other movie roles and his first film adaptation of Thor in 2011.

Some salaries
Chris quickly rose to become one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Everyone finds him pleasant to work with and he himself is friendly and honest. The film roles he takes are diverse, increasing his market value. And of course he’s just right on the wave that Marvel is creating with all the superhero stories.

Chris earned 58 million from his film in 2013 alone rush and his character Thor. In 2017, he amassed 30 million. In 2018 that was 65 million and in 2019 even 75 million. Insane amounts in income and commissions, but if you’re wanted in the film industry, you can. Chris is now in the Forbes top 25 highest paid celebrities.

Chris also makes money from various brands and gyms, investing the money well. He has at least two plots of land in Australia. Creating the one estate in New South Wales cost him $15 million, but was worth $30 million right after that. It includes a huge swimming pool and a bowling alley.

How it started
Chris’ parents live alternately in Melbourne and the Australian outback between cows and crocodiles. Chris has an older and younger brother, both of whom are also successful as actors.

All beginnings are hard, as Chris actually shares in the Instagram post below. For example, his father helped him achieve his training goals in the past. More about Chris’ net worth can be found in Celebrity Networth’s article here.

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