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They are each other’s greatest support and rock, or they cannot vent or see each other. You don’t have to choose royal in-laws either. What is it really like between these Majesties and Highnesses?

Crown Princess Mary & Princess Marie

Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark. Image: BrunoPress

They give each other a friendly glance on official occasions, but that says everything about the bond between the Danish Crown Princess Mary and her sister-in-law Princess Marie. Both ladies were a ‘foreign bourgeois girl’ who married a Danish prince: the brothers Frederik and Joachim, but that agreement was not enough to build a friendship. “They are two very different people. Mary never says anything that could potentially hurt her own position or that of her husband, while Marie is a little quicker to get out of school,” said Danish royalty expert Anna Thygesen. “We never see them doing anything together, not in private and not in public.” Even during Christmas they would not sit together at the same table.

Princess Charlene, Princess Caroline and Princess Stéphanie

Princess Caroline, Princess Charlene and Princess Stephanie of Monaco. Image: BrunoPress

It is mainly the tabloid press who like to form an opinion about the bond between the Grimaldi sisters-in-law. To be fair, with every public appearance, Princess Charlene doesn’t seem particularly close to her husband Albert’s sisters. According to one, it is Caroline and Stéphanie, who have always been aloof and disapproving of Charlene. According to the other, it is mainly up to Char himself, who cannot have her sisters-in-law know the tricks of the royal trade. We don’t know exactly what goes on behind the palace doors, but besties most likely they aren’t.

Queen Máxima & Princess Laurentien

Queen Máxima and Princess Laurentien. Image: BrunoPress

Two royal ladies who can pass through one palace door are Queen Máxima and Princess Laurentien. They got to know each other well when they both lived in Brussels and were both just dating a prince, the brothers Willem-Alexander and Constantijn. “We can have a lot of fun with what it’s like to join this family. And we can find support in many different areas, for example what it’s like to have to give up part of your anonymous life,” Laurentien once said about her strong bond with Máx.

Crown Princess Victoria & Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia and Crown Princess Victoria. Image: BrunoPress

One was always a princess, the other was a riotous reality star before she put a tiara on her head. But despite their different backgrounds, Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia of Sweden get on very well. Both publicly and privately, the two hang out, and Sofia tells the Swedish press that she “loves” going out with her “dear sister-in-law.” Since Victoria’s sister Princess Madeleine moved to Florida, the bond between the Crown Princess and Princess Sofia has only grown stronger. Which always helps: children of the same age. Victoria’s Prince Oscar and Sofia’s Prince Alexander are only two months apart.

Duchess Catherine & Duchess Meghan

Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan. Image: BrunoPress

Undoubtedly the most talked about royal sisters-in-law your moment. The intentions of the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex were good, but there was never a real connection. When the tabloid press got involved, Kate and Meghan were quickly portrayed as each other’s worst enemies. The royal exit Harry and Meghan certainly didn’t help bring the two closer together. Nowadays there would be hardly any contact between the two Duchess. In the infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Meghan said she “forgave” Kate for past incidents and that she is “a good person.” The Duchess of Sussex also wanted the polarity to be over. “If you like me, you don’t have to hate her. If you like her, you don’t have to hate me.”

Source: Royal Central, Harper’s Bazaar UK, Nouveau,, New Idea | Image: BrunoPress

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