Diana never wanted to divorce Charles

Diana never wanted to divorce Charles
Diana never wanted to divorce Charles

Simone Simmons, one of Princess Diana’s best friends, says that the princess never wanted to divorce Prince Charles and that she deeply regretted her Panorama interview with Martin Bashir.

Panorama interview

According to friend Simone Simmons, Princess Diana never really wanted to divorce Prince Charles. In a recent interview, Simmons said she remembered a conversation with the Princess of Wales hours after the controversial 1995 Panorama interview was aired. According to Simone, Diana called her to ask her what she thought of the interview.


When asked what Simmons thought of the interview, Diana said, “Oh God, you’ve made a fool of yourself. But not only that, what about the children?” To which Diana replied, “Oh my God, I haven’t thought it through.” Then the princess started to cry, Simmons said. Diana never thought that the controversial interview would have such a big impact. “She was angry when she agreed. In addition, she was convinced by, among others, Fergie, the wife of Prince Andrew,” continues Simmons.

Too late

Diana said in the interview that there were “three people in her marriage”, referring to Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. “What she said about Charles and the royal family was the last straw for the Queen,” Simmons said. “But she still loved Charles. When she received a call from the Queen the day after the broadcast saying that the divorce would be filed, she was out of her mind. She called me crying and sobbing and said, “I never wanted to divorce him, Simone. I still love him’. But of course her regret came too late,” Simmons said.

Fantastic girlfriend

Simone continues: “I was very sorry for her. She was led by the wrong people. Too bad, because she herself was a fantastic friend.”

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