Sister Yolanthe shares wedding photo father and mother

Marina Cabau, Yolanthe’s sister, has shared a special photo with her followers on Instagram: a wedding photo of her parents.

Yolanthe is daughter of the Spanish Xavier Cabau, who passed away in 2007. Her mother is the Dutch Richarda van Kasbergen, with whom Yolanthe and her sisters have a close bond.

No carefree youth

Although Yolanthe is blessed with a large family, she and her siblings did not have a carefree childhood. ,,We lived in Ibiza and my father earned a lot of money, but that went wrong. He got on drugs. It became more intense, he became aggressive. There was a lot of fear in the house,” Yolanthe said years ago in an emotional interview in ‘Where is the Mol’. “When it was quiet there was fear, otherwise you heard screams and someone got hurt.”

Domestic violence

When she was five years old, she left for the Netherlands with her mother and her brothers and sisters so that they could escape domestic violence. ,,My father had locked himself in with a few children, he was completely lost. My mother panicked and said, ‘Let’s just go’. We fled that same day.”

Special photo

Despite Xavier’s guilt for his children’s difficult and traumatic childhoods, Yolanthe has forgiven him. Special photos like the one Marina shared are still important to her and her sisters.

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