This is the only person Queen Elizabeth has ever bowed to

This is the only person Queen Elizabeth has ever bowed to
This is the only person Queen Elizabeth has ever bowed to

We all know that the British royals like good rules. Queen Elizabeth in particular likes to honor the protocol. The Queen is always greeted with a bow – the highest form of respect. Nevertheless, the Queen during her monarchy also bowed to one person: Princess Diana.


This week is all about the death of Princess Diana, 25 years ago. Around the day of her death, many old photos and old film material always surface. Also a special moment of the Queen herself. On the day of the funeral of Lady Dianadid the Queen something very remarkable. And outsiders noticed that too, so that the video fragment is now viral go.

TikTok video

The viral TikTok video first shows the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, where the princess de Queen greetings with a deep bow. After these wedding footage, the TikTok video shows a clip from Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997. If you look closely, you can see Queen Elizabeth bows in respect as the carriage with Diana’s coffin drives by.

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The video, uploaded by the TikTok account @royalfamilysuppporters, has been viewed more than 8.5 million times since its posting on June 28, with several people commenting on this heartwarming moment. “Very powerful moment in historysomeone responds. Another responds: “The Queen bows to nobody, period. But on that day she showed respect for [Diana]. No wonder we all love her.”

Breaking tradition

When Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrived in London for the funeral, they broke tradition by stopping their cars outside the gates of Buckingham Palace to view the floral tribute left by the grieving crowd. The royal couple then spoke to some of the crowd and expressed their condolences.

Personal Tribute

After talking with several people from that crowd, the royal couple entered the palace. The Queen had to make a special television broadcast for the population at that time. During this broadcast, the Queen paid her personal tribute to Diana: “I want to pay tribute to Diana myself. She was exceptional and a gifted person.”

She continued: “In good and bad times she has never lost her ability to laugh, nor to inspire others with her warmth and kindness. I admired and respected her. For her energy and commitment to others, and especially her devotion to her two boys.” Queen.

Source: News Week, TikTok @royalfamilysupporters | Image: Brunopress, TikTok @royalfamilysupporters

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