new photo of birthday prince Gabriel

new photo of birthday prince Gabriel
new photo of birthday prince Gabriel

It’s party time with the Swedish royals! Prince Gabriel, son of Prince Carl Phillip and Princess Sofia, can blow out five candles this week. And to celebrate this festive occasion, his parents share a beautiful new portrait of their son.


The proud parents share the portrait of Prince Gabriel on Instagram. “Today we celebrate the five-year anniversary of our fine and humble Gabriel,” the prince and princess write. And say for yourself, this photo of the birthday boy is too cute?

No official congratulations

However, no official congratulations will appear on the website or on the social media of the Swedish royal family this year. The reason for this is because King Carl Gustav decided in 2019 that his grandchildren no longer belong to the royal family. As a result, Prince Gabriel will therefore not have an ‘official’ birthday party.

Good intentions

Still, the Swedish king has made this decision with only good intentions, although you might not expect that when you strip someone of their royal title. “The decision means making it clear which members of the royal family will act as public representatives of Sweden,” he explained during a Christmas speech.


He continued: “For me this is a way of clarifying what the expectations are. Hopefully this will help my grandchildren plan their own future.” Parents Prince Carl Phillip and Princess Sofia also reacted to the king’s decision: “We see this as a positive, because Alexander and Gabriel will have freer choices in life,” they wrote in their Instagram post, among other things.

According to Svensk Dam the birthday party of the prince’s birthday is celebrated at home in Villa Solbacken with cake, balloons and (many) presents. Still a child’s biggest birthday dream if you ask us!

Source: Instagram @prinsparet, Take To News, Svensk Dam | Image: Brunopress, Instagram @prinsparet

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