Wietze de Jager and wife locked up during spicy adventure

Wietze de Jager and wife locked up during spicy adventure
Wietze de Jager and wife locked up during spicy adventure

Because it is difficult for Wietze and Lieke to seek intimacy with three children under the age of five who have to be watched continuously, they decide to return to the apartment in the sweltering heat of the day and the children with a Park iPad on your lap. Wietze then drags his wife into the bathroom to check each other’s body temperature.

For convenience, the radio DJ then locks the door, after which he realizes that the front door must also be locked. But then disaster strikes. Still naked and a lot less horny, he discovers that he can’t unlock the bathroom door.

“Then you are in the bathroom. No telephone. The children are sitting with a movie. What are you going to do?” He immediately rejects Lieke’s idea: Wietze doesn’t like to shout outside (don’t forget: still naked) and ask for help at a holiday park full of Dutch people. Eventually he comes up with the idea of ​​putting his eldest in charge. “I bang on the door: ‘Juul! Juul! You have to help us!'”

Then Juul, iPad and all, walks to the bathroom. On request, she then slides it under the door so that Wietze can at least reach the reception. “All at once I stood with Peppa Pig in my hands and a naked woman behind me. I thought: oh guys, this is going completely wrong.”

But before Wietze calls the reception to be freed, he wants to try something else first: slide the key under the door in the hope that Juul can open it. And yes. “The heroine of the day is Juul Bettie, my daughter of five.”

One thing is certain: a fourth child is not on the way.

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