Taylor Swift can call herself a billionaire


by Emmanuel Vanbrussels
published on Wednesday April 3, 2024 to 08:11
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American pop sensation Taylor Swift appears on the business magazine’s billionaires list for the first time at the age of 34 Forbes. Remarkable: she only needed her music for that.

In the news: Taylor Swift’s net worth is ticking according to Forbes to 1.1 billion dollars, or approximately 875 million euros. This means she reaches billionaire status for the first time.

  • Taylor Swift became a billionaire in October 2023 thanks to the earnings of her much-discussed Eras tour plus the value of her music catalog, according to figures Forbes. “Swift is the first musician to make the rankings solely on the basis of her songs and performances,” it said.
  • Things continue to go very fast for the pop star, who also continued last year Time was named Person of the Year. She was also included in the news service’s rich list Bloomberg counted among the billionaires.
  • The singer recently broke the Grammy record by winning the album of the year trophy for the fourth time. Illustrative for her star power: her presence at the Super Bowl led to a viewership record.

Swift vs. Rihanna

More detail: She is one of only three musicians on the billionaires list, alongside Jay-Z and Rihanna.

  • Her fortune includes more than $500 million in estimated wealth amassed from royalties and tours, plus a music catalog worth $500 million.
  • In addition, her real estate assets are estimated at $125 million.
  • Her status is not entirely exceptional. Rihanna was also declared a billionaire at the age of 34. The difference is that Swift only achieved the status through her music, while Rihanna also owes this to her beauty empire.

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