Michel Mulder moves in with a new love


Michel Mulder in Stars on Stage

‘It’s just that all my time was spent skating. I once stood on the podium with Edwin Evers at the Olympic Games. He as a drummer, me as a singer and with a guitar in my hands. In recent years I have wanted to sing more and more. And now I can do that as a musical star. It takes a lot of practice and lessons. After all, you have to sing, dance and act at the same time. But so far it’s been going pretty well for me. The comments from Albert Verlinde and Paul de Leeuw, who reviewed us in the program, were good. My dream now is also to play in a real musical. Who knows, that opportunity might one day come. I’m open to it.’

Living together with love

Privately, Michel is very happy with his Kelly. ‘We met a year ago through mutual friends. We are very happy.’ While twin brother Ronald Mulder has been married for several years and has a family, this is not yet an issue with Michel. During his skating career he had a relationship with skater Manon Kamminga for a long time. They broke up ten years ago. So now he has found new happiness with Kelly. ‘Things are going very well between us. We’re also going to live together.’ Michel leaves it open whether they wish to have children. ‘Not everything has to be done at once. Let’s live together first.’

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