Just like ‘Batgirl’: almost finished film with Halle Berry canceled by Netflix | Movie

Just like ‘Batgirl’: almost finished film with Halle Berry canceled by Netflix | Movie
Just like ‘Batgirl’: almost finished film with Halle Berry canceled by Netflix | Movie

MOVIENetflix has decided to cancel the science fiction film ‘The Mothership’. However, the picture, starring Halle Berry (57), was as good as finished. “There were just too many problems,” said Bela Bajaria, the streaming service’s content manager.

The sci-fi film, which was directed by Matt Charman, wrapped filming in 2021. ‘The Mothership’ tells the story of Sara Morse (Halle Berry) whose husband mysteriously disappears from their farm. The film was actually supposed to be released in 2022, but that didn’t happen. Although the picture was as good as finished, several scenes had to be reshot. That would be a costly affair. In addition, it would also be difficult, because the child actors in the film have now become a lot bigger. And post-production would also take some time. Ultimately, the plug was pulled on the project. So ‘The Mothership’ will never be released.

“It was a creative undertaking that brought together 150 people. In the end, the film did not turn out the way we wanted,” Bela Bajaria explains about the decision. “There were just too many problems with the production. Everyone thought it was best not to release the film anymore. Now we are working together on another project,” said Netflix’s content manager.

Halle Berry will soon be seen in the action thriller film ‘The Union’ on Netflix. The film follows the story of Mike (Mark Wahlberg), a construction worker who leads a quiet life in Jersey. However, this comes to an end when he bumps into his ex Roxanne (Halle Berry). Roxanne works as a spy and needs Mike’s help for a life-threatening mission.

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