“Bart De Wever said: ‘Put those flowers in your ass’”

“Bart De Wever said: ‘Put those flowers in your ass’”
“Bart De Wever said: ‘Put those flowers in your ass’”

“This subject is so delicate that you would need a better actor for me”

Max Colombie from Oscar and the Wolf posted a few marginal videos in recent days about the drink and drug addictions he has struggled with in recent years and on Thursday evening he also testified about it in the VTM news. Colombie says he does it to break a taboo. But does anyone feel that there is still a taboo to be broken about alcohol and drugs in the music world? It is perhaps a coincidence that a new single from Oscar and the Wolf was released on Friday and that the Lokerse Feesten and Suikerrock announced that morning that they have his band on the bill this summer. If there is ever a taboo to be broken, it is that BVs systematically use parts of their private lives to promote themselves. And that they keep getting away with it.

“I hope it will be an intimate romantic ceremony”

Regi Penxten has nothing specific to promote other than himself: his hit factory runs all year round. That’s why he is now making a docuseries about how he gets married. But if he’s hoping for an intimate romantic ceremony, why does he have it broadcast live on TV? (in Hello everyone)

“I thought: yay, yes, I want to get married, but not like this, with kaka, pipi, shit”

Lize Feryn and Aster Nzeyimana, who want to promote their new clothing line, talk in Hello everyone that although they will get married, the final proposal has not yet happened. Nzeyimana has already practiced a few times. Including a rhyme in which Feryn had to connect the first letters of each sentence into a sentence. It went like this: “Sometimes I think like kaka, pipi, shit. I often think strange things. Including now actually.” It is not clear where exactly the rhyme is in these sentences. And neither is what sentence you can form with the first letters. Although, according to Nzeyimana, the solution was “I love my shoe”.

“To date? I don’t know that anymore. I’m learning all that now”

Karen Damen, who has a theater show and a TV program on offer, is not yet in the phase of marriage proposals or marriage, she first has to learn how to date again. (in Hello everyone)

Jinnih Beels. — © Maarten De Bouw

“Sometimes I have a day off at the weekend and I visit my family. But sometimes it also takes a few weeks”

Jinnih Beels, who has to promote herself as party leader for Vooruit in June, was allowed to explain everywhere this week that she is from The expedition: Greenland left because she missed her family. Even though her husband and son live in Westerlo, and she lives in Antwerp. Question: if you “visit” a family, is it still your family, or are you an outsider?

“The day I stop being whistled at from a construction site, I’m not going to feel good”

Meanwhile, Karen Damen is already warming up for dating. (in Hello everyone)

“Conner, you have to. Conner, I really urge you. Please do it”

You no longer have to learn how to date Tina Van Havere, the first successor on the Flemish list of Vooruit. Although she is simply trying to tempt Conner Rousseau to become a list pusher on Vooruit’s East Flemish list.

“Bart De Wever said: ‘Put those flowers in your ass’”

Environmental activist Wouter Mouton had made no attempt to seduce Bart De Wever, he wanted to give him that bouquet in honor of the behavior of the Antwerp police. The card hanging on it said: “Flowers for fascists”. (in Humo)

Kyle Walker.

Kyle Walker. — © Reuters

“I slept with her. There are no excuses”

Kyle Walker, the highest-paid British footballer, is also dating. He had traveled to London for groin surgery, which apparently went so well that he ended up between the sheets with a childhood friend. Problem 1: he has a wife. Problem 2 has to do with that same childhood friend and let’s tell him ourselves: “In 2020 I called Annie from the practice field to tell her the news before everything would be widely reported in the press. I admitted to her that I had had a one night stand with someone. When she started yelling at me, I had to cut her off and tell her there was more. That the other woman was also pregnant with me. It was a nightmare.” (in TheSun)

“Luckily I have strong eardrums”

This is not what Kyle Walker says about the time he called his wife to say that he had made another woman pregnant, but Marc Descheemaecker about the time Alexander De Croo called him because it became known that he would become a list pusher for the N -VA, while he had previously refused an offer to become party leader for Open VLD. (in the Newspaper)

“I have no regrets. You have to take the opportunity when it comes.”

This is also not a statement by Kyle Walker, but by Ann Tuts, who tells how she passionately twisted her TV husband Ben Rottiers’ tongue during the recording of FC De Kampioenen. (in James the Musical)

“We struck while the iron was hot”

This is also not a statement by Kyle Walker, nor by Ann Tuts, but by Karen Damen. And not about that time she was with Gert Verhulst, but simply about the successful period of K3. (in Hello everyone)

Karen Damen.

Karen Damen. — © rr

“Friends tell me that there is such an exclusive dating app, something like Tinder but for famous people, Raya or something like that. So crazy, I think. But actually I’m very curious”

If there are BVs who think: “That Karen Damen can get me”, but don’t dare to tell her directly: try Raya or something like that. (in Hello everyone)

“I cannot possibly pay for a hundred airline tickets and hotel rooms, then I will be bankrupt”

Speaking of BVs: being friends with Regi is an expensive affair. He may organize his wedding in South Africa, but the guests must pay for the trip and accommodation themselves. And then they have to buy a gift too! (in The last news)

“We certainly don’t do this for the money”

Regi doesn’t want to go bankrupt by getting married. He doesn’t want to make money with it, he just wants to save: “Everyone makes videos at a wedding party, but now we also have the run-up on screen and in the best quality. So I no longer have to arrange a cameraman for our wedding party, I have a whole team at the same time.” (in The last news)

Erwin Mortier.

Erwin Mortier. — © Fred Debrock

“I’m quitting. I’m starting a chip shop”

This is not a statement from a BV that cannot afford the BV and Regi’s wedding party, but Erwin Mortier who wanted to let Connie Palmen know that she is doing so well that he is considering stopping writing. (in The morning)

“I don’t think I’ve given up. I stopped, that’s different”

If Erwin Mortier were to stop writing, it does not mean that he has given up competing with Connie Palmen, says Jinnih Beels, who himself gave up in The expedition: Greenland. Or wait, no: she didn’t give up, she just quit. (in Hello everyone)

“Filip Dewinter is a professional, a Duracell bunny. That’s incredible. There is no wear and tear on him”

If it were up to Bart De Wever (N-VA), Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Belang) should not stop just yet. (in ‘t Pallieterke)

Magda De Meyer.

Magda De Meyer. — © Bart Dewaele

“If we want to save democracy, voters must have the opportunity to express their opinion about Conner. He has to push the list”

At Vooruit, through Magda De Meyer, they are not giving up trying to convince Conner Rousseau that he should not stop.

“All those days in all weather conditions. I just can’t take it anymore. It’s enough”

This is not Conner Rousseau’s answer to Magda De Meyer, but the ferryman in Schellebelle who is tired of sailing back and forth every day. In order to find a successor, he says: “This job obviously also has very nice aspects: you are constantly in the healthy outdoors.” Let’s summarize: he is tired of being exposed to wind and weather every day, but the advantage is that you are exposed to wind and weather every day. Candidate successors can report to the Maritime Services and Coastal Agency. (in The last news)

“It seems banal, but suddenly going to the toilet becomes life-threatening. Visibility is limited to 1 to 2 meters and the wind blows at a furious speed. When you are urinating, one gust of wind is enough to be blown away a few meters and you can no longer see the cabin.”

Eric Goens is filming these days in all weather conditions in Antarctica. But he doesn’t give up, no matter how dangerous it gets there. (in The last news)

“We don’t play to the man”

And because, according to party spokesperson Niels Pattyn, Vooruit does not play to the man, they used a photo of Sammy Mahdi on social media for their abortion campaign with the message “blocks more women’s rights”, and one of Theo Francken with the message “Old hands at N- VA”. (in The standard)

Kristel (when she was not in America but in the office) and Regi.

Kristel (when she was not in America but in the office) and Regi. — © dpg

“Kristel is in America for a few days for her job. Otherwise I would definitely have shown her off on the red carpet.”

For Regi, a woman is like a watch, a jewel or a car: you show it off. (in Hello everyone)

“People are being squeezed out so that the industry can make more profits. I think that is a disgusting evolution. I would even say: a scam”

Whose statement is this?

a) Raoul Hedebouw

b) Peter Mertens

c) Miranda Ulens

d) Bart Kaëll

(the answer is d, in Het Laatste Nieuws)

The article is in Dutch

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