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showbizWho was that mysterious ‘Laugh of JOE’? Thanks to the hints from the station, the listener was able to remove Karen Damen, Margriet Hermans and Sam Gooris, among others, from the list. Lode Deschuytter (48) from Leke (near Diksmuide) discovered after 26 days that Frank Verstraeten was indeed hidden behind that smile. He wins no less than 23,800 euros.


Feb 2 2024

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However, Lode does not plan to keep the entire amount for himself, because he received help from a colleague to guess. “We will divide that up,” the listener said before he received the happy news from JOE DJs Raf Van Brussel and Ann Van Elsen. No fewer than 237 incorrect attempts preceded Lode’s correct guess.

“How did you come up with that?” Van Brussel sounded in disbelief, who had already fully prepared himself for the fact that it would not be right. After 237 wrong attempts, it had already become a kind of routine. But it was indeed the ex-boss of the famous Zillion discotheque who could call himself the ‘Laugh of JOE’ after a successful audition.

“I am a loyal JOE listener and so ‘laughter’ was often discussed in conversations with my brother Matthias (37), with whom I run a garage in Wijnendale near Torhout,” Lode tells the story. “Couldn’t it be Frank Verstraeten, my brother suggested. I thought that was a good gamble and took my chance. It was the second time I logged in and suddenly my phone rang. Radio broadcaster Joe was on the line so I made our guess. I was very surprised when it turned out to be correct. I still can’t believe it. Will I share the money with my brother? He will certainly share in the celebration.” Lode is the father of four children Lisa (21), Emma (20), Thomas (16) and Maarten (14). “I think that with the money we won we will be able to tick the trip to Norway and Sweden off our bucket list. How beautifully can the weekend start? We are extremely happy that we were able to solve the mystery.”

Lode from Leke runs a garage in Wijnendale (Torhout) with his brother © Deschuytter
Lode with his brother Matthias © Deschuytter

LOOK. This was the ‘Laugh of Joe’: Frank Verstraeten, owner of the famous Zillion disco.


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