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CelebritiesAlthough she initially did not want to respond to the new documentary about the Dutch rapper Lil’ Kleine (29), ex-girlfriend Jaimie Vaes (34) is now opening up about the artist on ‘RTL Boulevard’. “I find it very bad that he portrays me as the villain. It’s one big puppet show,” he said.

The three-part documentary about Lil ‘Kleine (Jorik Scholten in everyday life) has been available to stream via Prime Video for a while now. In the series, Jorik makes some famous statements about his ex-girlfriend Jaimie Vaes and, according to her, this is absolutely unacceptable. The reality star spoke to the Dutch ‘RTL Boulevard’ and vented her thoughts.

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“The first thing I heard or saw was my own voice and my own face. I find it very bad that he portrays me as the villain.” In the documentary, the rapper portrays Jaimie as a party animal who did not avoid arguments and insults. “Then suddenly a picture is painted of a crazy, out-of-control mother,” says Jaimie.

There’s nothing wrong with me enjoying a party in my spare time, but I don’t want that image

Jaimie Vaes, RTL Boulevard

She reveals that – at the time the documentary series was filmed – the two were at war with each other. They are now on good terms again as parents to their son Lío, but that documentary still throws a spanner in the works. According to Jaimie, the rapper is trying to save his own skin by portraying her as a drunken party animal.

“Jorik has created a kind of bad boy image for himself and with that he still thinks he can get away with drinking, drugs and partying. Because that’s part of being an artist. First of all, I am a wife and mother, and secondly, I am a ‘friend of’. I got sucked into that image and I didn’t think about the consequences at all. Because there’s nothing wrong with me enjoying a party in my spare time, but I don’t want that image.”

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16-06-2018 Amsterdam, AmsterdamDinner 2018 Lil’ Kleine and Jaimie Vaes in 2018. Photo and Copyright: Leo Vogelzang VOF © Hollandse Hoogte / Leo Vogelzang

Still, Jaimie wants to talk to Jorik quickly to put together the pieces and be there again as a team for their son: “I know that we will get out of this too. We will always remain Lío’s parents, but it is a shame that it has to be this way. I really believe that we will work it out together for Lío in the future. In a good way. I firmly believe in that. We are both open to that, but this does not help.”

In the meantime, Jorik has already responded to the fuss: “Before the documentary was released, the producer offered Jaimie several times to watch the documentary and respond in the documentary. She didn’t want that. I will never let Lío down and will always take responsibility. But I am not going to respond substantively to accusations in the media because this is not in the interest of Lío.”

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