Wim Beelen about RTL Boulevard: ‘Never heard of it’

Wim Beelen about RTL Boulevard: ‘Never heard of it’
Wim Beelen about RTL Boulevard: ‘Never heard of it’

Wim Beelen, Sylvie Meis’ new love, claims to have never heard of RTL Boulevard. “Boulevard? RTL? Never heard of it!”

Sylvie Meis and Wim Beelen were spotted at a Damián football match on Saturday by a reporter from RTL Boulevard. “He said that he walked up to Sylvie and asked: ‘Can I ask you something?’ She said: ‘That’s private, I don’t want to talk about that,'” says Daan Nieber in RTL Boulevard. “Then he also went to Wim Beelen and he said: ‘Boulevard? RTL? Never heard of it.”‘

Wim Beelen does not know Boulevard

Wim Beelen doesn’t know RTL Boulevard? “Yes, I don’t know under which rock that man lived,” says Daan. According to Rob Goossens, Wim was just pretending. “If we say that a studio can still be demolished here, then suddenly it will come, I think.”

‘Out of his depth’

In the meantime, a lot of rumors are going around about Wim. According to Yvonne Coldeweijer, Sylvie’s new love ‘can go crazy over the slightest thing’. Wim had a demolition company in the past and when a large construction company chose to choose another demolition company instead of Wim, he would have become furious, according to Coldeweijer.

Not the first time

“He was so furious that he wanted to drive a 30-ton shovel through the facade of the head office in Bunnik,” Coldeweijer wrote on her juice channel. “Once he arrived in Bunnik, he got out and kicked in the glass revolving door to gain himself access to the office.”

According to Coldeweijer, it was not the first time that Wim had become angry. “My DMs keep pouring in with people who were once verbally abused by Wim Beelen.”

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