‘Antwerp fan Kobe Ilsen plunged into major crisis’ – Offside


The Great Old is perhaps the club in Belgium with the most ‘famous’ supporters. Just think of Tom Waes and Erik Van Looy and certainly also radio and TV maker Kobe Ilsen. It played a few months ago at the Rood-Wit championship party, but is now going through a ‘major crisis’.

DJ duo at champions ball

Kobe Ilsen has been a popular DJ duo for years with Viktor Verhulst, of course Gert’s son. The two have already performed on several large stages and are also often hired for private parties.

For example, they stood behind the DJ table in the Carré when Antwerp came to celebrate the title at the end of last season with the entire group of players, which resulted in beautiful images of Toby Alderweireld, among others, going ‘total loss’, as you can see in the photo.

Difficult private time

On a private level, Kobe has been together with Sara Vermassen for quite some time and the two also have a handsome son in Magnus. The owner already had some health problems (digestion) but is now said to be in perfect health.

However, the relationship between Kobe and Sara would be hanging by a thread, right if we showbizzite.be may believe. Followers of the couple noticed that no new photos of the two of them have been posted in quite some time and several have even disappeared from their social media. Kobe also recently gave interviews where he didn’t say a word about Sara. Both have not officially announced anything yet, but there may be a serious problem.

Photos: Instagram Kobe Ilsen (photo from dancing Carré)

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