Viki Geunes (chef Zilte): ‘The unknown makes me nervous and insecure’


November 8, 2023
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Viki Geunes, the chef of the three-star restaurant Zilte in Antwerp, takes a seat in De Tijdcapsule. In four episodes he answers questions about his past, present, future and infinite time.

Which concert would you like to attend?

‘I saw the Rolling Stones live, a fantastic experience, but I always regretted not seeing a Frank Sinatra or other member of the Rat Pack concert (a group of artists from the 50s and 60s, including Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., ed.) was able to attend.’

How do you notice that you are getting older?

‘I am calmer and think more before I do or say something. That used to be less the case. I can also enjoy the small and simpler things in life more.’

Maybe we will move the case to South Africa, the country to which my wife and I have lost our hearts?

Viki Geunes

Chef of three-star restaurant Zilte

What do you want to do someday, but may never get around to it?

‘A real world trip of a year, but I don’t see how we can make time for that.’

What will life on Earth be like in 200 years?

‘I hope we cherish everything that is beautiful about our society. The climate will change, that’s for sure. Who knows, we might get six-month summers.’

You may head any organization or company for one year. Which one do you choose?

‘Meta. I wouldn’t mind being compensated as much as Mark Zuckerberg for a year. (laughs) But I’m not sure I could start a completely new adventure. The unknown makes me nervous and insecure. Although I would like to express my creative side in a different way someday. Maybe by designing a clothing line for men for Victoria Beckham?’

What professional goal do you want to achieve this year?

‘We have built up a fantastic reputation in our small Belgian country and our story is already known, but since obtaining our third star we have paid more attention to the international reputation of the business. I have many trips planned this year to put Zilte on the map worldwide.’

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

‘I do not know. Who knows, I may no longer be captain on the ship at Zilte. Or does the economy require us to downscale. Maybe we will move the case to South Africa, the country to which my wife and I have lost our hearts?’

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