Igone de Jongh calls Katja Schuurman ”a real friend”

Igone de Jongh calls Katja Schuurman ”a real friend”
Igone de Jongh calls Katja Schuurman ”a real friend”

According to Igone, Katja Schuurman is one of them.

Igone de Jongh about Katja Schuurman

Igone started talking to &C, and she said that she has received a lot of support from Katja. She added that at first it was mainly because of the children, but that she now considers Schuurman a true friend. “Katja is one of the sweetest people I know.” According to De Jongh, they click so well because they are so different.

Nicest memory

The two see each other regularly. “One of my fondest memories together was on a very warm day in her garden. We both didn’t look good and went to clean her jacuzzi, which was really gross. Coco was walking around in the garden, Sammie and Hugo were on the lawn mower, it was like an advertisement.”

Released emotions

In addition to emotional support, the Igone also regularly goes to a retreat center to find peace. She indicated that she had done a breathing session that released a lot. “I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard, screamed and screamed and thrown all kinds of things across the room.” She said that anger, sadness and powerlessness were released. “And it all came out through breathing.” Something that, according to Igone, was “very special”.

Katja Schuurman is known for not mincing words and for liking to break taboos. She recently gave this gift to her sister and mother:

Source: &C

November 5, 2023

The article is in Dutch

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